I am thinking about keeping bees

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I am thinking about keeping bees

Postby redwood » Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:12 pm

First you have got to ask yourself, am I serious !
Well in this thread I hope to give you a better picture about beekeeping and how it will affect your life.
First ask yourself why, if your bees are going to be a feature in your garden or a family pet forget it as they are not.
Honey Bees are wild animals, they cannot be trained or mollycoddle but it is our duty and law to look after them. This will take up a few hours a week and some spare cash or savings to purchase the basic equipment needed.
You will need a place to put them (apiary) where they will be well away from the public, family and friends. An apiary needs to have direct sunlight at leased a few hours a day and preferably south facing but not essential as long as its not north facing. there should be lots of plant life for the bees to forage all the summer period not just a couple of months a year. The apiary must be fenced if live stock are in the same vicinity as they can rub up against a hive and knock it over. Now think about heavy supers and transportation, ideally there should be access for a vehicle to your apiary to avoid heavy lumping of honey boxes that can weight 20-30 lbs.
Now that you have your apiary the next thing is your bees.... WRONG.... you need to be trained
Training is often given by most associations in Wales for a reasonable price that will stop you killing your bees, I know this sounds harsh but it happens every year. An association like West Glamorgan Beekeepershttp://www.westglamorgan-beekeepers.co.uk/ offers a 12 months training course that comprises of 10 theory classes and practical classes in a training apiary every Sunday morning through the spring, summer and autumn months.

Now that you have done the course you will be confident and knowledgeable to keep bees. It's not rocket science and you only need to understand a few things to keep bees successfully and without training your first your could end up in heartache.
Getting Bees; Most bees in this Country are bought in what they call a nuc box (a half size colony of bees), make sure you get them from a reputable Bee breeder or beekeeper, Some associations will sell you a nuc for the fraction of the cost from a bee breeder. Bees are also collected from a swarm but beware they may carry disease as their whereabouts is unknown.
An association often bulk buys supplies and equipment offering you the discount and new beekeepers should always ask first before buying.

Good luck with your bees and remember an association is the way forward

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