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Postby redwood » Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:15 pm

When buying your first nuc of bees make sure you buy them from a reputable beekeeper with a good strain of honey bees. locally adapted bees are always best but there are a few strains such as Buckfast that are just as good. Nucs should be strong with four frames of brood and at least one of stores, they should have been checked for any disease and treated for varroa.

You sometimes have a choice of a nuc with an overwintered queen or this years queen, the difference is last years queen will establish themselves into a full colony quickly and you have the possibility of a honey crop but are more likely to go into swarm mode so prevention should be made for such. This years queen are available much later in the year so you might not get a good honey crop but less likely to swarm.

A good strong nuc can be placed directly into a hive with a dummy board to reduce heat loss and fed with sugar and water mix to encourage wax building of foundation, this should be done until all the frames have been drawn out.

Now sit back and watch your bees coming and going, you will learn so much by just doing that.

If you are not sure where to buy a nuc PM me and I will put you onto a few contacts

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