Excess stores

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Excess stores

Postby redwood » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:55 pm

This spring many beekeepers are reporting a large amount of excess stores left from last winters feeding. This can have a big effect on the colony in many ways.
the Queen running out of laying room is one of the biggest problems which will lead to early swarming. Another problem is if you use Thymol in your winter feed and when your supers are added bees can move this feed into your supers which will result in tainted honey which is unusable and unsalable.
There are many ways we can deal with this problem, we can simply remove and replace with foundation but a better method is to put a frame of foundation next to a frame of stores, this way the bees will use up the stores to build foundation which will result in two empty frames. If your colony is strong then you could double brood and insert alternative frames of stores and foundation, this is a good way of producing fresh comb.
What ever method you use, remember that bees need stores for their survival so don't remove all. If you have fresh stores in your brood box bruise it with your hive tool before you add a super. Another way is to put it in the middle of the brood nest, however this should only be done one frame at a time with a very strong colony.

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