Matchsticks and winter

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Matchsticks and winter

Postby redwood » Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:29 pm

There seems to be a lot of nonsense about putting matchsticks under the crown board creating a cold draft of air lowering the core temperature of the hive to harden the bees so they come out of winter with an urge to brood. Never have I heard such rubbish and a sure way of killing your bees over the winter. Their claims are bees don't die of cold, but they do, put a hand full of bees in a jam jar and pop them in a freezer and before long you have dead bees. NEVER use matchsticks to raise the crown board or leave the feed hole uncovered at any time of the year. bees can regulate hive temperatures and humidity by fanning, a sort of built in air conditioning unit. A standard BB will not hold enough stores for a colony to survive over the winter, insulate a wooden hive with a piece of kingspan insulation over the crown board will dramatically reduce the consumption of stores and the risk of isolation starvation.

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