Alternative hive roof

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Alternative hive roof

Postby redwood » Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:07 pm

A few years ago I visited Buckfast Abbey and was interested in the roof design of a brother Adam hive. It was a sloping roof in a square box so it was stable on the ground upside down. The roof was only painted which could lead to water ingress so I went about making one with modern materials, paints and sealers. The roof design is basically the same made from exterior wood and ply. The only difference is I covered my roof with a 3mm thick reinforced piece of rubber. Although the photo does not show the rubber I left a 3mm overhang each side to shed the water away from the wood, it is glued down with a contact adhesive and edges sealed with a low modulus black silicon sealer. I painted the roof with the same paint as I paint all beekeeping hive parts with. The best paint I have found is Cuprinol Garden Shades as it is a latex paint that allows the wood to breath, low odour water based with a maximum protection that will not crack or blister as it moves with expansion and contraction of the base material
The sloping roof design will allow water to run away more effectively than a flat roof, however this is only an experimental roof that was put into use this year so I will report on the results later next year

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