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Varroa Sublimator

Postby redwood » Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:53 pm

Anyone who wishes to make a vaporiser for oxalic acid here is simple... ish way of making one.
A few simple engineering skills are all that is required.
a block of aluminium
Diesel car glow plug
6mm rod (plenty in old printers)
broom handle
two crocodile clips
30 amp wire
wire connectors
first cut out 3 holes in the block, one to accept the glow plug, this can be tapped out to accept the glow plug or held in place by a grub screw. The other hole to take the oxalic acid, this can be done by a dremel or similar power tool, and the last hole to accept the rod, this can also be tapped or a interference fit.
cut 4-6 inches of the end of a broom handle, drill a 5 mm hole and glue and press it onto the bar.
connect your wires and crocodile clips and that's it.

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