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TYPES used in the UK

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:07 pm
by redwood
Most hobbyist beekeeper uses the British National hive to keep bees. This well constructed box has been around since the sixty's and superseded the WBC as the National British hive. Since then there has been one addition to the standard brood box by an introduction of a 14x12 brood box. The 14x12 BB has a larger capacity than the standard which makes it more desirable for beekeepers who keep a more prolific colony and does not want to double brood.
The langstroth hive is probably the most widely used hive in the world and it's design was mirrored from a wine box. It comes in three size formats.
The Commercial hive is as it's name for the commercial beekeepers however I dont think it is as popular as the Langstroth amongst commercial beekeepers.
The smith hive is used by a few beekeepers in the northern parts of the UK.
The WBC is the old romantic shaped twin wall hive that still attracts new beekeepers, however it is a bugger to work with as it's low down to the ground and has a lot of disassembly before you get at your bees for inspection. The hive has only 10 frames that makes it a bit small for most colonies.
There are other types available but not commonly used.
Before you decide to buy your first hive you can post your concerns here.

Re: TYPES used in the UK

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:17 pm
by redwood
There is a growing fan club of poly hives. These are made from a high density polystyrene foam which will last 25 years plus. They are increadably light and strong and easy to assemble. There are many makes available but I like the Swienty as it is compatible with all other national parts. The only disadvantage is that to accommodate compatibility with nationals the boxes only take 10 frames instead of 11, however if you run 14x12 boxes then it does not matter that much.
Picture below is one I painted with garden shades which in my honest opinion is the best paint to use.